Project "Yellow House"

The territory has been marked for purpose.   
In the waiting we believe!

Our new mission is to provide a house of refuge, healing, transformation and hope for 
women in desperate need of freedom from life
dominating circumstances.    

God-Given Vision:  The “Yellow House” located in Santa Rosa Beach Women who are hurting, broken and desiring real life change now have a place to call home.  We exemplify the love and grace of God during the redemptive journey of individuals dealing with unexpected trauma and fighting destructive life cycles.  At the “Yellow House” we know that Jesus is the answer and the only way to a beautiful new life for the women we are called to help.  We offer love, prayer, encouragement, counseling, training, mentoring, resources and ministry based on a biblical foundation to see each woman living the victorious life that was freely given by Jesus Christ.  It is our goal to work in unity with local agencies, churches, businesses and other organizations to fulfill our vision as we provide the “Yellow House” for the community.  

We will illuminate the path, which the Lord has illuminated for us.  New Assignment Scripture......

BeGenerous Inc. is a 501C3, Christian organization, that has been assisting families and local agencies that are in need since 2010; acting as a bridge by which we connect those who desire to help with those in need while spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.  
We desire to assist the Lord in the restoring of hope, building up of faith, praying, and teaching them of a life style of repentance and full dependency in the Lord, which is the source of healing and transformation.  

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