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Founder & Director

Stephanie McMinn

Stephanie McMinn, Founder and Executive Director of BeGenerous, Inc., serves her local community by aiding, resourcing, and supporting women and their families in desperate situations, as well as partnering with other organizations and agencies from all over the Panhandle such as: Path of Grace, Bethel Village, Shelter House and Ronda Coon House.  It is her heart to exemplify unity.   She is an active member of the Walton County Anti-Drug/Prevention Coalition and the Walton-Okaloosa County Sexual Assault Inter-Agency Council.  Her desire is to aid and assist others, serving alongside of them to provide resources and strategy for change.  She believes efforts are better accomplished together and will bring change and she is determined to see it.  She operates in compassion advocating for the lost and the broken. Ten years in the streets of our community has giving her firsthand knowledge of the challenges we face as a community.  She and her team serve on the Circuit One Human Trafficking Task Force in hopes to end it!  Most recently she was elected to join Congressman Gaetz on his Faith Community Advisory Board where she “will assist in the fight to protect religious liberty, provide resources to faith-based programs and initiatives and ensure the right to worship is never infringed or prohibited.”  Her faith is most important and she will stand to uphold it.

She is unapologetic about her love for Jesus and finds joy in testifying of His faithfulness.  She is intentional about each daughter sent her way and is passionate about them attaining freedom in every area of their lives. Her heart is to restore hope and faith in women while helping them discover their royal identity in Christ through the Word of God. Stephanie also serves as the Local Mission Leader at Impact Life Church in Destin, Florida where her and her team serve our homeless community.   Before the ministry, her priority is her family.  She is married to husband Chance for 12 years, with a beautiful blended family of five children. SHe is known as a “mother of many” with an additionally many spiritual children in our community. She has completed Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry (DSSM-Redding, CA) and has attended Liberty University, with a focus in Religion with an emphasis on Christian Counseling as well as studies in Psychology.  She has been trained in Bethel's Sozo Inner-healing and deliverance ministry. She has nine years of experience in financial institutions which have provided her with experience in leadership, management, implementation of policies and regulations, training, human resources and customer service.  She was in the mortgage industry for seven years and has been self-employed, owning several businesses within the last 9 years. 


Board Member and Founder of Be*You*tiful Ministry

Tara Beard

Tara Beard, Assistant Director & Board Member, married to husband, Josh, and a mother of two precious baby girls, Norah and Rose which she homeschools.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with an emphasis in management.  She has served in church ministries for numerous years. She is active in outreach ministry, as her passion is mentoring women in vulnerable situations. She has founded in 2015, Be*You*Tiful strip club ministry, where she leads the BeGenerous Inc. team in outreach efforts monthly to serve, encourage and love the women in the sex industry.  She assists in creating, implementing and teaching curriculum for women that we reach in our community.  She is very involved with  “The Yellow House” Project engaging closely with Executive Director working on policies and procedures for the mission. Her personal testimony will bring hope and an awakening to those with similar struggles through life.  We are blessed and honored to have her as a steward of this ministry. 

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Board Member and Human Trafficking ABOLITIONIST

Sula Skiles

Sula Skiles serves on the Board. She works directly with the Executive Director, Stephanie McMinn, in the establishment of policies & procedures, implementing training programs, and working with the Board of Directors to fulfill the vision of “The Yellow House” and BeGenerous Inc.  One of the things she enjoys most is personally ministering to and mentoring women in need.  Sula’s passion for helping people comes from a painful life story.  She has found freedom and healing from the traumas of her life and has been radically transformed through becoming a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention and help victims and survivors of trafficking. Sula uses her story to help others find the same freedom she has found. She enjoys sharing her life to bring hope to those who need it most. Sula is a motivational speaker, licensed minister, writer and sex trafficking abolitionist. Sula has a heart for ministering to women and leads Impact Life Church's Womens ministry team.   Most recently Sula became Freedom Director for Trade by Gina La Morte, where they fight for freedom through fashion.  She is happily married to Pastor John Mark Skiles.  Together they started Impact Life Church in Destin, FL March of 2014. They are blessed to have two beautiful children and live with great joy as a family dedicated to the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the spreading of the Gospel.   


Board Member and BeGenerous Liaison

Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey has been hands and feet with BeGenerous Inc. since 2011 while serving on the board and working closely with Executive Director, Stephanie McMinn, as they assess needs and bridge help to families in challenging circumstances.  She holds a Master of Humanities and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Working.  She is currently working Northwest Florida State College teaching GED classes to those in prison seeking transition back to the community.  She has an array of experience within many local agencies which BeGenerous Inc. serves as well such as; Child Care Services, The Cope Center Healthy Start Program (Okaloosa), aiding as Homeless Liaison and a Career Counselor for Walton County Schools. She is truly a valuable asset to our efforts as she has been involved in the community for years building a personal relationship with those we will reach. 

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Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan, serves in a mulity faceted way for BeGenerous and the Yellow House Project.  Before serving in ministry, she is a mother of 4 amazing godly children whom are all grown, in college and serve the Lord. She considers this her greatest accomplishment yet.  Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology which has provided wisdom and understanding to apply to many of the situations she has been called to handle.  She is currently a licensed agent with World Impact Real Estate assisting others to find a home and settle into our local community.   She has been a member of Destiny Worship Center for 9 years and is on Team Destiny where she serves on the growth track team, single mom’s ministry and Purpose One:27. Purpose One:27 is a Foster Parent Support Group where Lisa is one of the founders.  She leads the supply ministry, acts as treasurer and a liaison between foster families and the individual ministries within Purpose One:27. Lisa has worked with and supported BeGenerous for many years.  Her Yes has enabled her to help woman find stability, strength, courage and a sure footing to step out on their own.  Her heart’s desire is to see women overcome the pain, heartache and disappointment that they have endured through their lives. She ministers wisdom and encouragement to the ladies from firsthand experience.  She knows how it feels like to need immediate help and safety from abuser.  This empowers her now to help others through their personal circumstances.  Her life experiences are a beautiful testimony of Gods redeeming love.  Serving at the Yellow House allows her dream to be fulfilled while offering a safe place for women to find healing and restoration through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .