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Michelle Eddington

Board Treasurer and Personal Assistant

Michelle Eddington is the Personal Assistant & Treasurer for BeGenerous, Inc. She has served on our team since November of 2020. She has been happily married to her best friend, Alex Eddington for 24 years.  They have five incredible children: Mikayla, Gabriel, Noah, Jonas, and Audrey Grace. Michelle has been blessed to be able to serve her family first as a stay-at-home, making them her priority. She tends to others well and makes it a point to make them feel important.  One of her personal passions is photography as she appreciates capturing those special moments. In 2020, she completed a four-year discipleship training program called “Set Free to Be Me” where she discovered Jesus as Healer over her mind and heart. Her freedom has provided her with the courage to “take off her mask” that she hid behind for so many years while encouraging others to walk their healing process out. She has found rest and security in God and knowing who He has created her to be. She loves to share with our daughters that allowing God to work within them will change their perspective on life giving them hope and strength to move forward. She now leads others (including her own family) to Jesus, so they may start in their own healing journey. Michelle has trained with our team for our social enterprise “All Things New” and gives her all to make sure we operate in excellence. She loves watching God move through this ministry and considers it a blessing to be a part of our team. She has found purpose by serving with BeGenerous and The Yellow House women and finds joy watching God be moved by our faith and love for His daughters.  

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