Be Generous

The Yellow House


Vision and Mission of The Yellow House

Our vision with “The Yellow House Project” is to provide a dwelling place of refuge, healing, true transformation and hope for women in desperate need of freedom from life-dominating circumstances. We exemplify the love and grace of God during the redemptive journey of individuals dealing with unexpected trauma or fighting destructive life cycles.  The fact is we do not have enough places in our surrounding communities to meet the demands and needs of those with nowhere to go.  BeGenerous Inc. has bridged the gap for many women who have faced life and death situations with no long-term housing or program available at the time to help them in a crisis situation.

The dream of the Yellow house is to provide supportive housing in our residential program for women in crisis situations which leave them vulnerable to violence, homelessness, abuse, relapse, or sex trafficking. We have worked in the community for the past 8 years and have found a gap in temporary housing for women in our community. The Yellow house will bridge that gap by providing a short-term and in some cases long term residential program enabling them in sustainable freedom.

We desire to meet women where they are by providing immediate care. and demonstrating the unwavering love of God. We want to direct women to a safer and more sound place, both physically and spiritually. Our hope is for the women to step into an atmosphere of Christ-centered worship, love, and grace while finding their God-given identity. We want them to find strength and wisdom in Jesus to remain free from past circumstances and harmful cycles.

History of The Yellow House

Our first response to the needs we saw in our community started with the Diaper Bank in 2010. We began aiding mothers and their babies that were in need of necessities such as; diapers, wipes, and clothing and working closely with local agencies such as the Department of Health who referred families to us who needed assistance and guidance. As the word spread of our efforts, more agencies reached out to us to assist those they were working with. As a result, BeGenerous Inc.'s partnerships and impact grew. We were active in community neighborhoods bringing tangible items and the message of love and hope through Jesus Christ-reminding them that they were not forgotten.

We also began visiting local women group homes providing them with needed supplies as well as more chance to empower and encourage women who were on their journey to freedom and restoration. To date we have assisted hundreds of women in need of love, hope, guidance and have seen the Lord demonstrate His tangible presence and provision time and time again.

In 2013 we were prompted to take notice of a Yellow House that we thought was simply served as a landmark for directions. Weeks later we would come to the revelation that it was indeed a landmark but for much more than we had imagined.

The Yellow House became a dream that developed as BeGenerous Inc. grew in influence and impact in our community over the last nine years. It was a divine vision that came from seeing a significant need in our area for a safe and secure place for women in urgent situations. Many women that have reached out to us for shelter and care were not able to qualify or enter into shelters in our area because of long-waiting lists, or because of where they were in the process of detoxification and rehabilitation from drug addiction.  We saw gaps in housing for women who wanted to be free from a life of addiction but had to wait to get into rehabilitation centers-leaving them vulnerable to relapse immediately after detoxification. Our desire is to fill in the gaps for housing so that any woman who desires to be free from drug addiction can walk the entire journey without stumbling blocks along the path. We truly believe that the Yellow House project will fill that deep need in our community.

A Call to Action 

We are currently in the process of fund raising for the Yellow House. We believe in this project and see it has a deep need for women in our community who desperately need safe refuge. We are asking for people to partner with us in this vision and be part of changing and impacting lives for eternity. Would you prayerfully consider giving to this project? If you are able and willing, please click the button below and you will be send to our giving page. We are deeply thankful for your support!