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Samara Bailey

Community Outreach Coordinator

Samara Bailey is an asset to so many around her. She is a gift that keeps on giving. Her first
priority is her family as she is a faithful mother of 3 grown children, daughter Ashlynn which is
on the Presidents list at Florida State, Kyle who is serving in our US Airforce and her oldest son,
Tyler, daddy of her pride and joy, Shiloh which makes her he coolest GG in town. She is a rad
aunt that loves spending time with her nephew finding ways to serve the homeless and less

She has laid down her life to love the daughters of The Yellow House by serving as House
Mother for the past two years and yearns to reach those still in the thralls of addiction and
sexual exploitation in our city. “Sam” has recently stepped into a new leadership role with
BeGenerous Inc as, Community Outreach Coordinator, where she will help us engage our
community through personal connections and outreach efforts in hopes to gain partnerships
and support. She serves with our Exec Director on the Walton County Prevention Coalition and
has a fiery passion to see a land healed and set free. She has a powerful testimony of beating
the odds. She has successfully completed the Path of Grace two-year recovery program,
Celebrate Recovery 12 Step Program (4 years of sobriety), and two years in our local School of Revivalists. She mentor’s others graduates in hopes to provide them accountability and encourage them through her victorious testimony that speaks volume. Most importantly she is a messenger of the gospel, loves Jesus and is proud to share what the Lord has done in and through her life. She is a walking testimony that causes people to follow the passion of Christ in her. We’re honored to have her on our team.

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