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Tierra Mays

"All Things New" Project Manager

Tierra Mays was raised her locally and graduated from Crestview Highschool in 2016. We have
had to honor of watching her heal and grow over the past two-years and proud to claim her as
one of our graduates of The Yellow House. She is now leading in a role as our Project Manager
for “All Things New," teaching our daughters to create treasures that produce revenue for our
social enterprise. She is currently employed part-time with one of our Kingdom Partners, Amy Howard’s Finishing School, where she is being sharpened in her skill set enabling her to share what she learns so we can produce quality pieces that exemplify excellence. She has overcome more than most for her age and rises to any challenge showing resilience and growth. She is honored to serve forward as a Survivor Leader with BeGenerous sharing her powerful testimony while encouraging her sisters in their redemptive journey. She finds joy in praying for them and
declaring truth and promise over their lives. She will be starting nursing school in the fall in
hopes to serve with us as an on-call as a Sexual Assault Nurse (SAN) for our local safe homes.
She wants to extend compassion, hope and love to those that are being pulled from darkness.
She is truly a Light in our city.

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