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Casey Draughn

Board Member

Casey Lynn Draughn has been married to Jason for 15 years after moving to the area in 2001 from Minnesota. Our story is a marvelous l miracle that we can’t wait to share with all of you one day.  Our greatest joy is raising our two young men. Tanner is 20 and discovering his passions and dreams while in love for the very first time. Kodie just turned 14 and keeps our days full with homeschool, love of football and conditioning and his wonderful group of friends. Which are all huge answers to prayers.


We just finished up our 10th year of foster care in Walton County. We have had the honor of receiving and loving on almost 50 children in those years. Some are still in our day to day lives. One beautiful daughter is married and lives down the street from us, while another precious daughter is the most inspiring single mom that gave us our first grandbaby, while others are reunited and spend fun weekends with us and yet others are adopted in God sent homes. God surprised me in 2014 by sending
me to Nepal with a group of friends to love on children rescued from trafficking. Two things stand out the most on this trip; how dangerous this trip was and how magnificent God’s restoration is in His children. The purity they carried was unreal, and that is what I see what our women in our Yellow Houses every time I am with them.


During these 10 years, Stephanie and her family became our family when they moved next door to us.  Our children have grown up together and the babies are still best friends today. Its pure delight l to look back on how God wove not only our families together, but also our passions for the community. Our passions to see families redeemed, restored and set free.

During our 10 years of foster care, God has connected me with many people and resources in our community that have the mission and/or heart to also see families restored. I spent two years with PurposeOne27 serving foster families in Walton Co, received TBRI training, attended state foster care conferences, hosted and led small groups for women in my home and served alongside Stephanie by taking care of her family and stepping in whatever was needed at the time.

Currently, we are no longer taking in children into our home as a licensed foster family, but we are serving the local Guardian At Litem charity alongside our first foster daughter and now serving BeGenerous in an official capacity.

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