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Franz Chavannes Jr.

Board Member

Above all titles, responsibilities and duty Franz is a son of God, a loving husband and a present father of two beautiful boys Josiah 7 and Lao 4. He loves his family and finds purpose in providing for them. He is driven by passion and fueled by the challenge. His determination and discipline contributes to his successes and experience. Franz operates in humility and integrity and genuinely cares for those he gets the opportunity to serve. He considers it an honor to be invited into the lives of those he helps and desires to exceed expectations offering the highest level of care.

Franz was raised in Broward County, FL where he played competitive soccer from a young age all the way through to Florida Atlantic University on an athletic scholarship. He later attended and graduated law school in Orlando at Barry University School of Law where he was a member of the Phi Alpha Delta fraternity and the Earth Advocacy Clinic. After graduating with a juris doctorate he and his wife, Kayla, relocated Walton County, FL where he joined a small general practice law firm. In 2013 he accepted a position as a trial attorney at the Public Defender’s Office for the 1st Judicial Circuit. Over the years he handled over 5,000 criminal cases ranging from minor second-degree misdemeanors to severe first-degree felonies, with several jury trials and bench trials throughout.

In the court room is where Franz first met Executive Director, Stephanie McMinn, where they would be advocating for the people just in different ways but for the same purpose, to see freedom and a chance to change. He too would see those he served in their potential not their
past circumstances or charges. They didn’t know then that they would be on the same team today but consider it a divine connection and valuable blessing in so many ways. They have become family.  Franz would serve a Public defender in Walton County for 7 years before The Lord would change his path. In 2020 Franz left the Public Defender’s Office and founded The New Law Firm, a virtual law office hoping to slowly transition towards estate planning. While the experience in setting out on his own was exciting and a major change from his previous position, he had to quickly learn of the innerworkings of a law firm and decided that he didn’t enjoy all of the non-legal aspects of being a law firm owner/operator and true solo practitioner. He missed being part of a team and having colleagues with which he could learn from.

In 2022 he joined Bill at The Will Lawyer as an associate attorney. Teaming up with The Will Lawyer affords him the opportunity to be a part of a successful team, to redefine the traditional law firm experience, and to impact families in far-reaching ways. He believes estate planning provides families with an opportunity to build a lasting legacy that includes more than just assets and money, but values, memories, relationships, and heritage. Now more than ever, he recognizes his most valuable “assets” are not things but are his family and legacy.
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