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BeGenerous is a Christ-centered 501C3, non-profit organization, created to support and assist son’s and daughter’s overcoming substance use disorder (addiction) and/or sexual exploitation (sex trafficking).


in the Garden

Elegant Tea Party Fundraiser

Connecting with our community to spread awareness and build partnerships.  Enjoy a beautiful meal catered by a local chef. Worship music, testimonies and a word from our Founder, Stephanie McMinn.

- Fall -

in the Fight

Community Outreach

Featuring Christian Rap and Contemporary Artists... Testimonies, dance, creative arts, local community resources. A day full of fun, community and fellowship.

- Spring -

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  1. Providing a place of refuge for women in need of a safe and sound place to recover who they are.  We offer a 24 month Christ-centered residential recovery program and safe homes for those coming out of addiction and/or sexual exploitation (1 Year Minimum).  Immediate housing removes them out of harm’s way and provides hope in finding freedom they were intended to have.

  2. Partnering with community agencies to assist those in need of short term transitional housing or alternative shelter by acting as a bridge. 

  3. Helping woman recover what was lost and restore healthy relationships with their families and children.  Reunification is always our goal and we believe it is possible with their surrender and our support.

  4. Offering first love, family and prayer. We also invest in them by providing, trauma informed care, pastoral counsel, space for inner healing, life skills, addiction and relapse prevention, as well as further leadership education in partnership with SOR. These are all anchored in the love of Jesus, providing an atmosphere of worship and grace.


“When people discover their true capacity for self-control and responsibility, they then have the revelation and opportunity they need to grow toward the freedom that God desires for each of His sons and daughters.” –Danny Silk  



We offer a Christ centered 24 month residential recovery home where they are able to find a safe place and recover their true identity and purpose. We want to remove them from the crisis situations which can leave them vulnerable to violence, homelessness, abuse, relapse, or sexual exploitation.

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Our social enterprise is an income generating model to help sustain our mission The Yellow House which offers a safe place of refuge and recovery for women coming out of addiction and sexual exploitation.  We have an online store and a brick and mortar location in Defuniak Springs, FL!

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Providing education and resources on prevention and awareness in order to equip our community with the knowledge, resources, and tools to identify and respond to the needs of those struggling with drug addiction and sexual exploitation.   We reach people in vulnerable places such as the foster care system, prisons and strip clubs.  It is our honor to elevate our community by the work that we do.


What you sow into the lives of others, is the harvest you will reap tomorrow.


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